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r4u servicesClive Williams is the first person in the United Kingdom to gain Return to Work Disability Coordinator Certification. He is an excellent manager of professional staff and has a superb achievement record. In August 2013 he started Rights for Us Ltd with Richie Thomas, a unique private training business delivering high quality programmes and utilising Mind Tracking for ease of learning.Sharing knowledge allows people to connect. Let Us Share Knowledge. Richie Thomas is the Financial Director with over 15 years’ experience of working on welfare to work and training programmes, implementing profit and loss assessments in organisational, training and financial contexts. He is committed to promoting excellence and best practice in the use of Mind Tracking for Training and believes passionately in disability inclusion to enhance individual and organisational effectiveness. The use of good visual aids – especially physical ‘props’ which people can hold and touch – is one of the best techniques for adding interest, humour and variety to Training workshops and Inclusive Courses. People remember more of what they are told if the experience is multi-sensory, rather than just listening to spoken words or reading printed words on a screen. Hence Mind Track2 Training was born. We offer training through quality workshops, services and mentoring programs to work with Employers, Organisations and individuals everywhere. We aim to work with communities to enable them to improve their knowledge and hopefully their quality of life and give them a positive attitude towards their goals. We seek to form partnerships throughout communities.