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What Rights for Us – R4U offer:

All of the members of our collective as well as other allied trainers and organisers are often available for phone consultations or meetings to discuss and develop strategic projects. You can also contact us by email.

Clive Williams

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Richie Thomas

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Gavin Jones

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Will Writing Services


Controlling what happens to your estate:

Most people spend a large proportion of their lives working to build their assets and provide for their families to the best of their abilities. It therefore makes
perfect sense to ensure that after you die your assets are distributed according to your wishes. If you die without making a Will you are said to have died intestate and your estate will be distributed according to the Laws of Intestacy. This could result in individuals who you would not have chosen receiving from your assets and those you would wish to benefit going without. This can lead to disagreement
and arguments among family members at what is already a very difficult and emotional time.

Providing for those you want to provide for:

Disappointment and conflict can often be avoided by clearly stating in the Will who is to receive which assets. It is also a means to ensure that the correct people are provided for and looked after exactly according to your wishes. If there is a possibility you may leave children under 18 years of age, the choice of guardian should be include in the Will. This may be particularly relevant for single parents as a spouse will automatically have guardianship until children reach 18 years of age. There is also the possibility of setting up a Trust in the Will. A Trust is a legal arrangement which can be useful in many different circumstances for example, money and land can be held in trust until minors come of age.

Choosing your Executors:

It is possible to name up to four Executors in the Will to administer the terms of
the Will and act as your representatives after death. Failure to do so would mean the court has the right to appoint a person to administer your estate. This would normally be a close family member though not necessarily the one of your choice.

Expressing your wishes regarding the funeral:

Particular instructions regarding your funeral can be included in the Will, for example whether you would prefer to be buried or cremated and what type of service you would like.

Form Filling for YOU.

formRights for Us – R4U offer a form filling service for the General Public. We will complete any type of form that you hate to do yoursel Registration forms, Application forms, DWP forms, Council forms, Appeal forms, Personal Independence Payment for (PIP), Medical forms, Bank forms, Compile CVs and Covering Letters and much more. If you don’t see a form or letter services you require here just contact us to discuss your needs. We will do the work for YOU. After we have completed your form we will compile paper copies for you. We also supply a service where which we can save
it to your Hard drive, Pen Drive or a CD ready for you to use as a reference, this service will allow you to print your forms, letters etc for mailing or to change something if you need to.

The Data Protection Act 1998 is the law that protects personal privacy and upholds individual’s rights. The act applies to anyone who handles, or has access to, information about individuals. We comply fully with all the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998 and any and all amendments.
dataDWP Disability Applications
DLA and New PIP Applications
Disability Living Allowance (DLA Applications and appeals)
Personal Independence Payment (PIP Applications and appeals)
From 8 April 2013, DWP will start taking new claims to PIP
from people living in the North West and North East of England who are aged 16 to 64. New claims to DLA will continue to be available in the rest of Great Britain until June 2013. From the 10th June 2013 the DWP will start to take claims to PIP in all areas of Great Britain. No more new claims for DLA will be taken from this date from people aged between 16 and 64. From the 7th October 2013 the DWP will start to invite some existing Disability Living Allowance (DLA) recipients to claim PIP. For many, survival without their disability benefits is impossible. Knowing what’s changing and what to do is vital.

Rights for Us – R4U support both claimants and professionals with DLA and the new PIP. We will help claimant’s complete applications and reapply for DLA PIP through appeal if necessary. We offer workshops and training for the Personal Independence Payment (PIP) for claimants and professionals. Please be aware that from 10th June 2013 there will be no more DLA applications all new claims will be PIP.

Payment Protection Insurance (PPI)

If you believe you were mis-sold PPI let Rights for Us – R4U help you claim back what you paid and the interest.
paymentHave you taken out a loan or credit card in the last ten years? Even if your loan or credit card has been paid off you can still make a PPI claim.There are no false promises from Rights for Us – R4U.
If an Ombudsman upholds a complaint about the sale of a PPI policy, they will usually tell the business to put the consumer in the position they would now be in if they hadn’t taken out the PPI policy so redress will depend on the individual circumstances of the complaint, it’s got to be worth taking a look at those statements.There are no huge fees with Rights for Us – R4U, we will charge a fixed fee with no hidden costs of £100.00 and that is whether you receive a £1,000 or £10,000 compensation.
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