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Pubs, Clubs and Bars. Cellar Confined Spaces and Gas Cylinder Safety.

Pubconfined spaces

Most public houses have a cellar which is an enclosed space. You must assess the risk of gas asphyxiation in your cellar. If you have more than one cellar then you must complete a separate assessment for each cellar. If carbon dioxide leaks from gas cylinders, this can result in loss of consciousness or asphyxiation and can kill. CO2 is a toxic gas and must be included as part of your COSHH assessment. Have you assessed the risk of gas asphyxiation in your cellar/s?

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Are your staff aware of the risks and been briefed on the key points?

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Under the Confined Spaces Regulations, every employer or self-employed person is responsible for the health and safety of persons working in, or entering, a cellar area where dispense gas systems are used. Let our professional Trainers help you with compliance. Get in touch now.

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